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Thiel-Behnke Dystrophy

  • An unusual subepithelial dystrophy transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait, also called Honeycomb Dystrophy and classified as a variant of Reis-Bucklers'.
  • Clinical features:
    • Presents in childhood.
    • Clinical features:
      • Symptoms: may present with recurrent painful erosions and decreased vision
      • Signs
        • Often difficult to differentiate Honeycomb from Reis-Bucklers dystrophy, however in the former; the corneal surface is smooth, corneal sensation is normal
        • Typical honeycomb opacity in the corneal subepithelium region develops in the second decade of life
  • Treatment:
    • Superficial corneal debridement
    • Photo therapeutic keratectomy maybe required in patient with severe recurrent erosions or reduced visual function.

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