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Retina / Choroid Disorders
OCT study of degenerative retinoschisis.
Degenerative Retinoschisis

  • Peripheral splitting of the retinal nerve fiber layer, most commonly between inner nuclear and outer plexiform layer.
  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: mostly asymptomatic but may be associated with large peripheral visual field defect in advanced cases.
    • Signs:
      • Usually bilateral, located inferotemporally and very-slowly progressive.
      • Well-circumscribed, dome-shaped elevation of the inner retina which extends anteriorly towards the ora serrata.
      • The retinal surface usually appears normal but may frequently have sheathed vessels and whitish snowflake opacities.
      • May be complicated by retinal breaks, hole formation on either the inner or outer retinal layer, retinal detachment or macular compromise if the schisis advances posteriorly.
  • Management:
    • Observation for asymptomatic cases.
    • Treatment is only indicated in symptomatic cases or cases with progressive retinal detachment.

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