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Macular Diseases
Non geographic atrophy demonstrating areas of stippled, punctate hypopigmentation of degenerated RPE, hyperpigmentation and soft drusen.

  • Have been referred to as "incipient atrophy" since they are usually preceding geographic atrophy and are more likely to develop soft drusen and choroidal neovascularization
  • Clinical features:
    • Areas of stippled, punctate hypopigmentation of degenerated RPE associated with pigment mottling
    • Thinning of the overlying neurosensory retina
    • The underlying choroidal vessels are not more readily apparent than in normal area without atrophy
  • Fluorescein angiogram demonstrates diffuse hyperfluorescence with a pattern of reticular or punctate blockage in the areas of RPE degeneration corresponding to the pigment clumping.

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