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Inflammatory & Trauma
Meibomitis may sometimes simulates malignant lesion.

  • Inflammation of meibomian glands together with meibomian gland dysfunction is commonly seen in patients with acne rosacea.
  • Clinical features:
    • Lid margin vascular engorgement and stagnantion of meibomian gland secretion.
    • The gland orifices may become stenosed and when pressure is applied to the lid margin, oil secretion can be expressed through the stenosed orifices.
    • Chronic meibomitis may lead to the thickening and blunting of the lid margin, which causes gland orifices obliteration.
    • This may progress to chronic granuloma infection (chalazion).
    • In a later stage of the gland dysfunction, subsequent superficial punctate keratitis, corneal neovasculatization and scar may result.
  • Diagnosis is usually made clinically, however in a particular case where the lesion simulates malignant lesion and clinical differentiation is difficult, biopsy confirmation is required.
  • Treatment:
    • Lid hygiene.
    • Warm compress.
    • Topical or systemic antibiotic.
    • Possible surgical incision to enhance drainage.

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