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Non Infectious
Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

  • Reversible chronic inflammatory condition affecting the upper tarsal conjunctiva; most commonly associated with soft contact lens wear.
  • Other causes: protruding suture ends and ocular prostheses.
  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: itching, tearing, mucus secretion, foreign body sensation, and contact lens intolerance.
    • Signs:
      • Upper tarsal conjunctival hyperemia
      • Enlarged papillae (ranged from < 0.3 - 2mm)
      • Mucus discharge, lid swelling and pseudoptosis
  • Management:
    • Remove offending agents such as stopping contact lens wear, changing lens solutions or suture removal.
    • Encourage the patients to replace lenses frequently, use preservative-free lens solution, and increase lens hygiene.
    • Medical treatment with mast cell stabilizers (i.e. sodium cromolyn eyedrops) and / or corticosteroids may be required in more advanced cases.

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