Lid /Lashes/Lacrimal
Mechanical Ectropion

  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: eye discomfort, corneal dryness and keratopthy or visual loss that may result from improper lid closure.
    • Signs:
      • Eversion of the lid margin from its normal position
      • Usually associated with one of the following conditions:
        • Congenital ectropion
        • Age-related attenuation of the medial or lateral canthal ligament and lid laxity (involutional ectropion)
        • Underlying tissue scaring from burn injury or chronic inflammation of the lid (cicatricial ectropion)
        • Orbicularis oculi paresis or facial nerve palsy (paralytic ectropion)
        • Eyelid tumor or orbital fat herniation (mechanical ectropion)
  • Management:
    • Topical lubrications, ocular moisture chamber or temporary tarsorraphy may be helpful to reduce the ocular symptoms.
    • Definitive surgical management of the causative factors is essential to prevent more advance complications.

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