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Conjunctival Foreign Body

  • Symptoms: ocular irritation, pain, foreign body sensation, tearing or red eye.
  • Work up:
    • Careful examination of the entire eye is mandatory to rule out intraocular foreign bodies including a thorough slit lamp and dilated retinal examination.
    • B-scan ultrasonography, X-ray film or CT-scanning is sometimes indicated to rule out intraocular foreign body.
    • MRI is contraindicated, since intraocular foreign body may be metallic.
  • Management
    • Multiple small fragments or debris can be removed with saline irrigation.
    • Localized / embedded foreign body can be removed under topical anesthesia at the slit lamp using cotton-tiped applicator or forceps.
    • Short course of topical antibiotic after foreign body removal may be given to prevent secondary infection.

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