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Avellino (Granular-lattice) Dystrophy

  • Autosomal dominantly inherited with very high penetrance and moderately variable expressivity.
  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: glare, foreign body sensation, decreased vision or recurrent painful epithelial erosions.
    • Signs:
      • Bilateral, often asymmetric, grey-white well-circumscribed central anterior stromal opacity similar to those seen in granular dystrophy
      • Deep lattice-like stromal deposits
      • Older patients have anterior stromal haze between deposits
      • Family trace study revealed that patients with this dystrophy were from Avellino, Italy
  • Management:
    • Superficial debridement, lamellar keratoplasty, and excimer laser phototherapeutic keratectomy.
    • Penetrating keratoplasty is indicated for deeper involvement.
    • Recurrence may occur after keratoplasty.

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