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Asteroid Hyalosis

  • A form of vitreous degeneration in which calcium soaps aggregate in vitreous body.
  • More prevalence in older patients with male to female ratio 2:1.
  • Etiology is not clearly understood.
  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: rarely affects patient's visual acuity even in cases of severe vitreous involvement.
    • Signs:
      • White to yellow-white small round to oval opacities suspended throughout the vitreous body
      • 75 - 90% is found unilaterally
      • Asteroid bodies move as the vitreous body moves and tend to return to their original positions
      • Differential diagnosis include amyloidosis and cholesterolosis bulbi
  • Management:
    • No treatment is required.
    • Vitrectomy may be indicated when poor visualization of the fundus causes retinal diseases diagnosis, follow-up and treatment difficult.

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