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Astrocytic hamartoma demonstrating initial grayish, flat retinal lesion in the right eye and a typical glistening, yellow, mulberry-like lesion in the left eye.

  • Congenital tumors.
  • May be found as an isolated finding or in patients who have tuberous sclerosis or rarely in those with neurofibromatosis.
  • Clinical features:
    • Symptoms: depends on the extend and localization of the tumors.
    • Signs:
      • Can be seen as optic nerve or retinal glial tumors
      • Initially appear as grayish, flat and translucent lesions
      • May enlarge and show chalky white-cheesy central area surrounded by grayish margin
      • Typical glistening, yellow, mulberry-like lesions which may become large and calcified
  • Management: Observation.

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