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Aphakia with Soemmering's ring formation.

  • Clinical features:
    • Absence of the crystalline lens
    • Very deep anterior chamber
    • Hyperopia in normal length eye
    • Soemmering's ring formation as a result of anterior capsule edges attachment to the posterior capsule in the absence of intraocular lens implantation or if lens was not removed in an intracapsular fashion
    • In the case above, aphakia resulted from extracapsular congenital cataract extraction without intraocular lens implantation.
  • Causes:
    • Cataract extraction surgery without artificial lens implantation.
    • Congenital aphakia.
    • Associated with systemic syndrome i.e. Lowe syndrome or Hallermann-Streiff-François syndrome.
  • Management:
    • Consider artificial lens implantation or contact lens.
    • Aphakic glasses as an option in bilateral aphakias.

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